thursday: may 3.

a quote worth your thoughts) "Death in this music dwells, for in it I disappear in attentive, taut passivity." -an epithet from Cunningham

word. (from the wordsmith)
selenography (sel-uh-NOG-ruh-fee) noun

The branch of astronomy dealing with the physical features of the moon.

[From Greek seleno-, from Selene
(goddess of the moon in Greek mythology) + -graphy (writing).]

deed. (give it a shot) take a hot bath. turn on cold water at the very end. immerse yoself. then come up through the cold cloak.

meet win butler

Never before have the sweaty violin girls looked so good. Never before have the horn-boys executed their lines so religiously. Never has Win pierced me so with his voice. Never has RĂ©gine wielded the hurdy-gurdy so lusciously.

Heaven will be like this.

Arcade Fire played to an earnest Asheville crowd last night. We were sitting obediently in our reserved seats when Win told the crowd to get on their feet and come up front. The panicking security guards stood by helplessly as the throng advanced.

I say that Heaven will be like that show; I don’t say it lightly either. It was a sacred sound. The sounds that filled our temple last night shook, thrilled, captured, broke me. Won’t the sounds of Heaven do this much and more? The seraph’s voices in Isaiah shake the threshold of the temple. The voice of the Lamb will be “like the roar of many waters.”

I can’t wait.

Meanwhile go to an Arcade show. Meet Win Butler if you can. He’s eagle-eyed and speaks from the heart. Last night he gave his word to come to a bonfire at my house next time the band is in Asheville. I told him we’d be waiting.