friday: july 13

Such Great Heights!

This is the stuff of my mind as I sat tingling in the spine through the latest and greatest-- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:

~Dumbledore is the Platonic ideal grandfather. Every great story needs one. Shivers every time he showed up.
~Rowling's story ripens like a good peach at this stage in the series.
~I am proud to have grown up
with the boy who lived.
~I will meet Hermione Granger before I die. Fact.
~Bellatrix Lestrange=Helena Bonham Carter. Brilliant.
~If my life is less thrilling than this film, I'll be pissed.
~This story is really one great reflection of the great story in which we live. Shivers, shivers.
~Hogwarts is more like Covenant than I thought.
~You know where I'll be midnight, July 21.


Tobi said...

I think I'm finally going to stop procrastinating and start reading. Starting today, in fact. Thanks for being the last nudge!

sienna said...

i saw it, drew! the 5th movie... today with pax! dang dang dang.

i like your second to last thought. i've always thought this too... specially in the evenings.

Dan Pick (a.k.a. Danny Fresh) said...

brilliant drew. i havent seen it, but you can bet that i will soon. keep exciting me with your words. please. i "drink my wine" simply by reading your words.